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Massachusetts Judge Predicts Pro-Industry Supreme Court Ruling in Clean Water Act Case
EPA Announcement Provides Reminder of Chemical Accident Prevention Requirements
EPA Responds to NY Times Article on Evidence Used for Health Rules
EPA Investigation Leads to Conviction for Stealing and Selling a Bridge
Illegal Hazardous Waste Storage Results in One Year Prison Term
Darlene Payne Smith Recognized as a 2019 Texas Trailblazer
Happy Veterans Day
Environmental Groups Submit Notice relating to Ozone Emissions from Oil and Gas Production
Texas Company Agrees to Pay $50 Million and Eliminate Discharges of Plastics
Professional Insights
Real Estate Companies Pay Fines for Violating EPA’s Residential Lead Regulations
To Arbitrate or Not To Arbitrate--That's NOT the Only Question
US Supreme Court Will Hear Pipeline Case with Issue of USFS Authority
Inability to Condemn State Property Raises Questions about FERC Orders
Employment Beat
DC Circuit Says EPA’s 2018 Renewable Fuel Rule Did Not Properly Consider Endangered Species
Third Circuit Says Pipelines Cannot Condemn State Property
5th Circuit Upholds EPA’s Postponement of Compliance Date for Electric Utility Water Discharges
EPA Proposes Reductions in Rules for Oil & Gas Industry
Crain Caton & James Lawyers Named to the 2019 Texas Super Lawyers List
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