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Practices to Include...

Banking and Financial Services
Bankruptcy and Creditor Rights
Commercial Litigation
Corporate, Business Transactions and Tax
Cross Border Transactions
Employment and Labor Law
Environmental, Health, and Safety
Estate, Trust, and Wealth Planning
Fiduciary Litigation
Health Law
Insurance and Personal Injury
Intellectual Property
Probate, Trust and Guardianship
Real Estate

Attorneys to Include...

Barake, Gabriela M.
Beduze, Kathleen Tanner
Bickham, Jonathan T.
Brown P.E., Kelly D.
Caton, Michael
Christopher, C. Vance
Cohn, H. Miles
Cooper, Chasity W.
Cooper, Betsy A.
Covey, Alec Bayer
Davis, Jason
Flores, Joshua R.
Friery, Michelle V.
George, Larry
Harmon, III, Frank G.
Hightower, Donald B.
Horowitz, Jeffrey I.
Hudson III, James E.
Jensen, William P.
Kollenberg, C. Henry
Kotch, A. Branton
Lenz, Jolie S.
Maynard, Jr., Charles D.
Morse, III, Robert E. (Robin)
Murphy, Dana F.
Nemeth, Peter G.
Pace, Caroline C.
Pacheco, Sarah Patel
Panagos, Jill
Polsinelli, David A.
Riseden, Mindy McGehee
Saghian, Saman (Yigal)
Savoie, Joe R.
Seale, Michael D.
Slater, Jocelyn T.
Smart, Peter C.
Smith, Darlene Payne
Smith, James E.
Sprague, Calla M.
Stuart, Kimberly R.
Webb, Elizabeth (Liz)
Wisner, Robert R.

Pages to Include...

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